Tim Van Den Bossche


Tim Van Den Bossche

During my years as student I gained strong interest in bioinformatics and data analysis by taking up several courses and even some hands-on experience by analyzing data for my theses. My first thesis, for the Associate’s degree of Chemistry/Biochemistry (graduated in 2013), was situated in the field of cell migration and my second one, for my Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences (graduated in 2016, Ghent University), was in the field of interactomics. Both manuscripts involved mostly wetlab experiments next to computational work, but in the end I preferred to pursue a scientific career in the latter.

After obtaining  my AD degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry and my BSc/MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences, I applied for a position as PhD student in CompOmics of prof. Lennart Martens. Since October 2016 I am working here in the field of metaproteomic informatics under co-supervision of prof. Peter Dawyndt and dr. Bart Mesuere from the Computational Biology lab (Ghent University).

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