Kenny Helsens

Dr. Kenny Helsens

Dr. Kenny Helsens left the CompOmics group in September 2012 to pursue a career as a data miner at Massive//Media. All the best, Kenny!

Driven by personal interest in biological and computational science, I did my master thesis project in 2005 – 2006 in the bioinformatics division of the proteomics lab of Prof. Dr. Kris Gevaert and Prof.Dr. Joël Vandekerckhove.

Combining informatics and proteomics was very attractive to me such that I focussed my ambition in this direction. In October 2006 I received funding for 4 years from the Institute for promoting Science and Innovation to work on a PhD project that aims to improve both the sensitivity and the specificity in peptide-centric proteomics experiments. This doctoral thesis has been supervised by Prof. Dr. Kris Gevaert and Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens and has been successfully presented in May 2010 whereby I obtained the title of doctor of Biomedial Sciences.
In the everyday lab environment, bioinformatics in peptide centric proteomics means a challenge in both organizing and understanding mass spectrometry and biological data. During my Ph.D. project, I have developed the Peptizer platform which assists to employ expert knowledge to increase the specificity of the proteomics results. The tool inspects rule sets similar to the critical thinking of a mass spectrometry expert upon performing manual validation. Besides this project, I am challenged on a daily basis to perform data analysis for a variety of other data analysis projects in the lab.

I strongly believe that new insights arise by working on the edge of different information fields. By graduating as a master in biomedical sciences, I have a solid understanding of human biology and basic sciences. In addition, I am also skilled in developing and publishing software in Java and performing data mining. Combining these skills empowered the research I have done so far; yet, I am continuously searching to expand into other research fields to continue integrating information and yielding new knowledge.

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