Elien Vandermarliere

Dr. Elien Vandermarliere

Dr. Elien Vandermarliere

During my years as a master student, I got interested in protein structure and hence I’ve gripped the opportunity to do a PhD thesis in protein crystallography at the KULeuven. The focus of this thesis was the degradation of arabinoxylan; more specific the determination of the structure of xylanase in complex with arabinoxylans, the structure of arabinoxylan arabinofuranohydrolase and the structure of a xylanase inhibitor. This research resulted in the title of doctor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Hereafter I’ve joined the bioinformatics team of Algonomics were I’ve mainly focused on the interaction between antigen and antibody and helped identifying the epitope of several antibodies against influenza haemagglutinin. In both these subjects, protein structure played a central role.

Since half of March 2011, I’ve joined the CompOmics group of Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens where I’ll use my background in structural biology to support the team.

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