CompOmics group picture December 2016

CompOmics group picture December 2016


CompOmics group picture December 2016

The following people are active members of the compomics group:

Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens (UGent/VIB, Belgium)

Dr. Andrea Argentini (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Surya Gupta (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Sven Degroeve (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Pieter-Jan Volders (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Adriaan Sticker (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Ana Silvia C. Silva (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Genet Abay Shiferaw (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Gwendolien Sergeant (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Natalia Tichshenko (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Niels Hulstaert (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Nina Demeulemeester (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Pathmanaban Ramasamy (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Patricia Lefèvre (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Ralf Gabriels (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Robbin Bouwmeester (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Tim Van Den Bossche (UGent/VIB, Belgium)

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Close collaborators of the CompOmics group:
Dr. Harald Barsnes (University of Bergen, Norway)
Dr. Marc Vaudel (University of Bergen, Norway)
Dr. Thilo Muth (Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany)

The following people have been good colleagues over the last years:
Dr. Elien Vandermarliere (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Niklaas Colaert (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Kenneth Verheggen (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Kenny Helsens (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Giulia Gonnelli (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Şule Yılmaz (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Paola Masuzzo (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Sami Naji (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Elvis Ndah (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Joe Foster (EMBL-EBI, UK)
Jonas Segaert (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Pieter Kelchtermans (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Nicolas Housset (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Iain Buchanan (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Davy Maddelein (UGent /VIB, Belgium)
Demet Turan (UGent/VIB, Belgium)
Dr. Tessa Vermeire (UGent/VIB, Belgium)