Bioinformatics challenges in mass spectrometry-driven proteomics

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics has become an essential part of the analytical toolbox of the life sciences. With the ability to identify and quantify hundreds to thousands of proteins in high throughput, the field has contributed its fair share to the data avalanche coming from the so-called omics fields. As a result, the challenges involved in processing and managing this flood of data have grown as well. This chapter will point out and discuss these challenges, starting from the processing of raw mass spectrometry data into peaks, over the identification of peptides and proteins, to the quantification of the identified molecules. Finally, the informatics aspects of the nascent field of targeted proteomics are outlined as well.

Martens L. Bioinformatics challenges in mass spectrometry-driven proteomics. Methods Mol Biol. 2011;753:359-71.


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